Save Greenwich Market!

Market stall

In the centre of historic Greenwich, south-east London, is an early nineteenth-century covered market, lined with interesting small shops and filled at weekends with colourful craft and food stalls, always thronged with local shoppers and tourists having a wonderful time.  Like so many other characterful sites in London (Camden Market, the bookshops in Charing Cross Road), Greenwich Market is threatened by developers — in this case Greenwich Hospital — who think the site is ‘uneconomic’ (it’s ‘only’ open at weekends!  It doesn’t have a Starbucks!!) and have plans to pull it down and use the space to build a block of flats.  In the centre of Greenwich!  Already they have put up rents so that stallholders and shopkeepers are being forced out of business…

It’s just about the only reason I go to Greenwich now (and already the last surviving second-hand bookshop seems to have gone).  You can help:  please SIGN THE PETITION at


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One Comment on “Save Greenwich Market!”

  1. I ran my business from Greenwich markets for 7 years, the markets get people coming back and supporting all the local shops and restaurants.The heart of Greenwich dies without it!

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