Prom Programmes: is it just me…

…or is there something in Prom programmes that gets up your nose?  The printed programmes I mean.  On my first few visits this season I had the remains of a cold, and as soon as I opened the evening’s programme I would feel a catch in my throat and start coughing.  They still give me a tickle.  (I did wonder whether there are more intrusive coughers at the Proms than usual this year?)

There’s a note in the credits about the printers’ sustainability policy — ‘sourcing paper from FSC and PEFC accredited merchants … and using vegetable oil-based inks as standard’.  (They are Cantate, part of the John Good Group, ).  It’ll be those inks, I reckon.  No doubt the Proms operate like the Opera House;  several thousand copies will be printed and delivered ON THE DAY, so who knows what solvents and nasties are still around to come pinging off the page when you open your copy.  Hmmm.  Anyone else noticed this?

(PS — just looked at their site — they print the ROH programmes as well!  But those don’t make me cough.)

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One Comment on “Prom Programmes: is it just me…”

  1. mona lisa Says:

    I belong to a choir, here in Ontario, Canada, and we’ve done ‘Proms’ concerts. I would love to see an actual british one, tho, that would be cool… I’ll remember to bring a tissue, tho. or maybe a gas mask.

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