Favourite things

Some Sunday morning reflections…

I have been updating my ‘Favourite Things’ page (These are a few of…) and finding it to be quite a therapeutic exercise.  First, I realise I am enormously lucky, and grateful, to have so many wonderful things and experiences at my fingertips, or at least in my memories.  Secondly, however, I realise that there are holes:  for example, between the early 70s and the 2000s I was almost entirely innocent of both pop music and films, being far too busy with other things (I have yet to add the headings of Places, Islands, Cities, not to mention Food and Drink.  Or Singers.  Or People Who Changed My Life…).

Further, I realise that I have just too much stuff on here!  I am in now the position of having to ‘de-favouritise’ some things to avoid cluttering up the page and boring you, and myself, completely.

On the other hand, I’m reminded of a scene in one of my ‘Favourite’ films, ‘L’Homme qui aimait les femmes’, in which the (rather unlikeable) hero, who is writing his autobiography (entitled, of course, ‘L’Homme qui aimait les femmes’), bumps into an intense and mysterious ex (Claire Bloom);  in a panic, he immediately gets in touch with his editor and says ‘Stop!  I’ve got to rewrite the book – I’ve left out the most important part.’  And the editor – it is a she, of course – says:  ‘Oh, everybody says that.’

Which is by way of saying that I keep remembering things I haven’t included, and thinking ‘How could I possibly have left out Keats/Lincolnshire Posy/Amadeus…?’ and having to squeeze yet more in.

Who was it who said ‘Show me his library and I shall know the man’, or something similar?  Like Tatyana in Pushkin’s ‘Eugene Onegin’ who explores Onegin’s library while he’s out.  Well, this is evidently the modern equivalent.  I don’t know what it tells you, but it’s a great learning experience for me.

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