What’s the most beautiful car of all time?


The (London) Telegraph has been inviting suggestions for ‘the most beautiful car of all time’.  If  you are at all interested in cars, or aesthetics, or the history of design, it’s worth a look — here’s the link:  What’s the most beautiful car of all time?

bentley.jpgThere is obviously a UK bias, but American cars and exotics are in there too (Cord 810, Facel Vega…).  I must say I was genuinelycitroends.jpg surprised to find myself (so far) in a minority of one for proposing the name of Honda;  the general consensus seems to include Citroen DS, Jaguar E-type, vintage Bentleys. and various Aston Martins, Lotuses (Loti?) and Alfa Romeos (Romei?) past and present – none of which I would disagree with.

What emerges is that it’s difficult to separate abstract ‘beauty’ from other factors such as nostalgia, envy or pride of ownership.  One or two commentators point out that there are very few new cars in the list, in this age of computer-aided design.  Speaking as someone who likes to drive a car that ‘looks like a car, not a jelly-mould or a steam iron’, I second that. 

That new Alfa does look nice though.

There are some odd, and downright silly, suggestions (Morris Minor?  Renault 4?), and some that stir forgotten memories. std_61_renault_floride.jpg

Oh – I’ve just thought of that beautiful Renault in the 1960s – what was it called?  Floride?  Caravelle?

But I think my favourite has to be ‘Any car driven by my wife!!’


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10 Comments on “What’s the most beautiful car of all time?”

  1. For the sheer unadulterated blend of sportiness and style, I’d have to go with the E-Type Jag. I don’t think it’s been bettered since it first hit the roads.

  2. Nightingale Says:

    1961 Corvette convertable, baby blue with a white cove. That’s my dream car. I don’t know anything about cars, but that car speaks to me for some reason. I think cars were sexier when their headlights were round.

  3. jonathanburton Says:

    This one!

    Yeah, pretty good, eh. Never knew that was called a ‘cove’.

    Hmm, I do like a nice pair of round headlights! 😉

  4. Nightingale Says:

    I learned that term, “cove” from that same website! Hahaha. I always called them bullets before.

    I know you’re being cheeky, but I think that’s exactly the reason the round headlights are more appealing to me than rectangular ones! Seriously!

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  6. amband Says:

    Citroen DS is a design icon of the 20th century and is lovely. Whether or not it’s he most beautiful is a matter of how one sees beauty

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