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Bassoon reed gadget

January 10, 2008
light plaque

My friend Tom has acquired a gadget – invented in Finland – which enables you to light up your bassoon reed from INSIDE so that you can see how even or uneven your scraping is.  Follow these links for details (and cunning illustrations):

My first reaction was ‘what a silly idea’ and ‘what an expensive toy’ (especially as Tom had to get it imported from the USA and pay customs duty on it), but he writes enthusiastically:

I put three reeds on that I had nearly given up on and could see EXACTLY where I had gone wrong and where the reed was uneven. A few very minor scrapes on the irregular bits and I transformed two of them and the other is no longer a no hoper.

Anyone else have any experience of this marvellous device??  I’d certainly be glad to be able to scrape more effectively without wrecking my reeds before they have had an active life…
(It’s available for oboe reeds too.)

picture from Chris Van Os Double Reeds at — thanks

thanks to Tom Hardy