About me

Hello, I’m Jonathan Burton, now living in East Sussex on the south coast of England with my partner Diana.  Until recently I worked as a Surtitler at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, in London, and I also do freelance work such as translations, opera subtitles on DVD, and writing concert programme notes.  For fun, I play the bassoon and contrabassoon, compose and arrange music, and lots of other things.

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Please note — all views expressed on this site are my own (or those of other contributors) and do not represent the views or policy of The Royal Opera or any other employer or organisation mentioned.

2 Comments on “About me”

  1. […] if you don’t have a ticket yet, all is not lost – according to Burton (who should know): It will be on radio and TV, so if you can’t get to any of the remaining five performances, keep […]

  2. Hey man! Just wanted to say hello to my overseas counterpart. I’m Jonathan Burton as well living in Nashville,TN USA. Was going to get a blog on wordpress and wanted to see who had my name on here already. Think it’s awesome that you’re a musician as I am as well. Must be something musical about our name. Anyways, hope your music is going well. God bless!

    Jonathan Burton

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