Fun and weird stuff

I am seriously addicted to FOUND Magazine’s Find of the Day — random remnants of love-letters, shopping lists, inscrutable messages, passive-aggressive notes, photos, kiddies’ scribblings — though the comments on there have become somewhat wild and out of hand lately (except when they’re by me, ho ho).

I also check out PostSecret every Sunday — strange and sometimes touching secret confessions on home-made postcards.

I used to be seriously addicted to GroupHug, too, but they seem to have ground to a halt.  There’s still hours of endless fun (or hair-raising horror, in some cases) to be had in browsing through random outrageous confessions or doing a Search on all the unmentionable things you can think of.

Oh, they’ve relaunched with a new version:

Then there’s Tube Gossip — random things overheard on the Underground, from someone called themanwhofellasleep — which is updated every week or so.  He even included one I sent him (I won’t tell you what it was).

Talking of which — I have a collection of photographs of silly or incomprehensible signs from around the world;  these are available for viewing next time you’re in my loo!  Meanwhile there’s a book of such things, called Lost in Translation by Charlie Croker, with a second volume (Still Lost in Translation) JUST OUT!! (Oct.)   Yes, some of mine are in there! 

Here’s a link to his site.

More sources of endless fun (the titles should be self-explanatory…):

Passive-aggressive notes

Walls with stuff written on

Quickmuse (instant poetry)

— and if you follow other links from these sites you will find more!

PS — on a more (but not entirely) serious note, try
World Wide Words 

Clover, thanks for pointing me in that direction (see comment below).

Happy hunting…

9 Comments on “Fun and weird stuff”

  1. cloverlawn Says:

    Hi Jonathan! I just created a WordPress blog. You said, “I think you have to be a wordpress person” in answer to how can I put a picture next to my comments. First I thought, what the heck is a wordpress person? Then I figured it out. Still just trying to figure out all the cool stuff this does.. and then a REALLY WEIRD COINCIDENCE happened which I will tell you later. Now I’m going to see if my picture comes up when I post this comment. 🙂
    Your found friend, Clover

  2. jonathanburton Says:

    Yeah — there she is!! It’s only teeny as I have it set to small thumbnails. But it’s the thought that counts. Welcome to the WordPress blogosphere!! xxxx

  3. Clover Says:

    hehe! It worked! But I guess it’s not retroactive.

  4. Clover Says:

    oh, I think I’ll write a blog about the weird thing that just happened to me.

  5. Clover Says:

    World Wide Words is my new favorite website. I know I will be spending lots of time there, and sharing it with my mother, another wordnik like myself. I remember sputnik! Our family watched from our back yard in Vancouver. We also had a dog named Nicky. We had a joke that when he was good we called him “picnic” and when he was bad we called him “sputnik” (cold war anti-soviet influence there — russians were bad.)

  6. jonathanburton Says:

    Thanks for that! Didn’t know the site.
    Now I see the Sputnik reference too.
    Did you know that when the Rusians sent a dog (Laika) into space, it actually died but they pretended she was fine? I wonder if the US would have done the same…

  7. inbetwixt Says:

    Love the Pictures of Walls. Rats. Now hooked…

  8. Headstones Says:

    Thanks for the link to quickmuse.

  9. jonathanburton Says:

    Yes, it’s fun, isn’t it!

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