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more Roses in June – ‘Crazy for You’

June 21, 2012


here’s a link:  Classic Roses Crazy for You

Srange that Peter Beales should say ‘no scent’ when it actually has a very nice one!

more Roses in June — Rambling Rector…

June 16, 2012

 …preparing for takeoff!

more Roses in June – Boule de Neige and Munstead Woods

June 13, 2012


more Roses in June – Munstead Woods again

June 13, 2012


more Roses in June – Diana’s anonymous pinky-red one! (any ideas?)

June 13, 2012


more Roses in June – Love Matters

June 13, 2012


more Roses in June – Boule de Neige

June 13, 2012


‘Munstead Wood’

June 8, 2012

Munstead WoodDavid Austin Rose — looked unpromising in the bud but has now blossomed spectacularly! Very large dark red flowers, splendid fragrance. Another David Austin triumph.

Roses in May

May 29, 2012

‘Le temps des roses’ is generally in June.  But suddenly there are roses all around our house!

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Better late…

May 10, 2010

 In past years I have tried to chronicle the blooming of the Canary Bird Rose as a sign that spring is on the way (it’s generally one of the first to flower).  But this year it was very late indeed…

Unfortunately the one outside my front door has been pruned back so hard that there is no chance of it flowering at all this year;  but the big one in the middle of the Green was suddenly profusely in bloom when I got back from a long weekend away last Tuesday, 4 May.

This is about three weeks later than in 2008!

Meanwhile I have just walked through the Rose Garden in Greenwich Park (very chilly! — swathed in scarf and gloves);  not a bloom in sight, except for a pretty ‘wild’ rose and a bush of what I would have sworn was Canary Bird but they call Rosa Hibernica