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…and we love Pavarotti!

September 6, 2007

Here’s a link to bring a smile to your lips as we remember the Great Man:

(It’s called ‘Pavarotti Loves Elephants’.)

Luciano Pavarotti did have a sense of humour and a sense of fun (and contrary to reports, he could act — he just couldn’t move very much!) — so if he ever saw this, no doubt he laughed along with the rest of us.

(For the literal-minded ones out there, the actual words he sings are ‘…e gli pensier’, meaning ‘…and the thoughts’.  It’s from ‘La donna è mobile’ from Verdi’s Rigoletto — ‘Woman is inconstant in her words and thoughts’…)

Personal note — it was an honour to work on Pavarotti’s farewell performances of Tosca at Covent Garden.  It’s true that his voice was absolutely magnetic, even in his last years.  I did meet him once, as he was climbing the stairs in front of me (with great difficulty).  He was certainly larger than life — his legs were like tree trunks!  No wonder elephants loved him. 

Ah well, we shall not see or hear his like again.  Unforgettable.

One tribute I read today said ‘The world has lost its voice’.