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9 Comments on “Contact me”

  1. Clover Says:

    Hey Jonathan, thanks for reading, and for your comments. I’m now healthy (mostly) and back on my feet, not enough time for recreating in the blogosphere. Unlike some people, my profession doesn’t permit playtime on the computer! LOL! That’s interesting what you wrote about your big storm in 1987. Sounds very like our Columbus Day Storm. I was in art school in 1987, living in Lake Tahoe. I don’t remember hearing about your big storm (sorry!) I do remember the big windstorm that hit France sometime in the late 1990’s. We visited Versailles in 2000 and so many of the trees had been blown down, and other damage around the gardens as well. A bientôt!

  2. bluedog1257 Says:

    Hi Jonathan, and thanks for your comments on the Soldier’s Tale. We simply loved it, and my sister also saw this in Tunbridge Wells on the tour.

    I am a big opera enthusiast, and will try to get to anything operatic in Scotland. I have always wondered about supertitles – who puts them together, and who operates them on the night – must require a bit of concentration. I have a vision of someone high above the auditorium in a wee box with a big score pressing buttons at the right moment, but perhaps it is not like that. Supertitles save on the homework a bit, and my goodness, you fairly miss them if they break down.

  3. orinoco womble Says:

    Knock, knock…our tunnel has just broken through into your website and here you are! Looks like an interesting place to spend some time. The Wombles have arrived!

    I don’t run to a “blog” myself…being technologically impaired (that piece of my brain appears to be missing, along with the piece that understands bank statements and such). But you know where to find me.

  4. claire Says:

    Hi Jo

    Great web site – shan’t feel so cut off from the arts and life in DUbai now !

    Thanks all the best. Hope to catch up soon . Claire

    • jonathanburton Says:

      Thanks m’dear! (I’ll have to find interesting things to put on here now!!)
      Great to hear from you. Hope you had a great Christmas and are launched into a happy 2010. Look forward to catching up when you’re next over — NB mega birthday weekend 20/21 Feb — be there or be square! xxx

  5. Clover Says:

    Hello Jonathan! I “lost” my WordPress blog for awhile, and then I really lost yours because I had it in my Blogroll and apparently WordPress eliminated that feature because the site is redesigned since I first signed on. Or they moved it. I had my favorite websites listed there, including yours. Do you know if the Blogroll still exists somewhere?

    • jonathanburton Says:

      Hi! What a nice surprise to hear from you — comme toujours. I had the same problem — lost all the ‘Pages’ links — but now I can’t for the life of me find where you can edit your own Homepage! I discovered the ‘Pages’ box had unchecked itself so it was easy to reinstate it. Will be the same with your Blogroll. WordPress doesn’t make it easy for us! So many incomprehensible new links and features it’s all a bit of a mystery. And now I have a ‘life’ I don’t seem to have time to write new posts all that often. Ah well. These things may change very soon 😉 — watch this space… xxx

  6. jonathanburton Says:

    Aha! Found it. Go to Dashboard / Appearance / Widgets. They don’t call it ‘Blogroll’ any more but ‘Links’. Drag it on to the Sidebar which is what will appear on your Homepage.

    Easy, huh?

    Thought not.


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